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How to Get 5x More Cash To Buy Real Estate Even If the Banks Have Said No!

Discover the Secrets savvy investors use to finance more deals, get greater leverage and take home more profits, even if the banks have turned you down!

You're Gonna Learn

  • #1 - GREAT DEALS WAIT FOR NO ONE - Savvy real estate investors know that great deals wait for no one! That means that when a great deal comes you’ve got to be ready to pull the trigger fast. This eBook show you average investors can gain the leverage they need to be ready for every great deal that comes their way.


  • #2 - WHY CASH IS STILL KING FOR REAL ESTATE - Whether you are a flipper, rehabber, a wholesaler, or a buy and hold real estate investor, CASH offers are still the strongest tool you can use. Learn how savvy investors get huge discounts and leverage with this simple program that puts you in the driver's seat of every offer you make.


  • #3 - THE ONLY PROGRAMS TO USE WHEN BANKS SAY NO - If you are buying your first investment or your next investment, we have the answers and the cash when banks say NO. Learn how to leverage assets safely and quickly using the program the banks hope you don’t find out about.

Our mission at Forward Action Real Estate is to be the premier source of alternative investment financing and opportunities for private investors and busy professionals across the nation. Our actions are guided by our core values which include family, integrity and wealth accumulation and preservation.

For more than 5 years, Forward Action Real Estate has supported the investment community with REO’s, Fix and Flips, individual and corporate creative financing and even bulk asset purchase and financing. We even offer programs for credit repair.

Real Estate is a people business, and as our client, that means we put you first in everything. Yes, you’ve likely heard that before, and so the only way to demonstrate that to you is to have a call with one of our team members, let us demonstrate how we live our values to you.

Our job is to simplify your real estate investing life so that you can spend more time enjoying life.


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5X Program Forward Action Real Estate FAQ

What is the 5X Program?

A: In its' simplest definition the 5X Program can be thought of as a Real Estate Line of credit up to $10,000,000 (Ten Million Dollars) for Real Estate investors who acquire, renovate/construct and sell properties... freeing up cash flow to grow their RE investment business and providing proof of funds for acquisitions. Where we multiply your current cash and entity liquidity balance by 5 and the resulting amount is deposited into an escrow account for the borrowing entity to use for Real Estate Investing.
• Example: You the borrower / your entity / bank accounts show $250K then ($250 x 5 = 1.25M Real Estate Line of Credit) for you to use.
What are the requirements for the 5X Program?

What are your requirements for the 5x Program?

A: Two years of personal & business tax returns. 2 months bank statements (all pages) including business accounts and 401K/IRA accounts - for liquidity. Business entity documents - Articles of Inc., Operating Agreement or Bylaws, Corporate Resolution (if applicable),
Entity registration, IRS filing receipt of EIN #, and Certificate of Good Standing. Once you enroll during your onboarding process you will be given the summary of valid qualifying accounts that can be used to show your liquidity.

Closing Statements for the purchase and sale of previous RE investment properties - to provide evidence RE investment experience.

What type of documents will I need to submit for 5X review?

A: In most cases, the documents that we will collect from the borrower or entity will be the same as you may already have experience with when applying for a real estate investment loan. Your account manager will collect a copy of your state ID, tax records for both you and your entity along with the 5X application, a personal financial statement, bank statements and entity documents: Articles of Inc., Operating Agreement or Bylaws, Corporate Resolution (if applicable), Entity registration, IRS filing receipt of EIN #, and Certificate of Good Standing.

Is there a minimum balance needed to qualify for the 5X Program?

A: The Client Investor Borrower / Entity must have minimum $100K Capital Access in Liquidity in any of the following combined qualifying and not limited to accounts including: Personal Checking, Personal Checking, Business Entity Checking, Business Entity Savings,
Retirement accounts: 401k, IRA, ROTH, Market Accounts: bonds, stocks, etc.. in order to apply for the 5X Program. During your onboarding process you will be given the summary of valid qualifying accounts that can be used to show your liquidity.

What is the maximum funds the 5X Program will release into an escrow account ?

A: Here is where the power of the 5X can really been an advantage when you show Two Million Dollars in liquidity using the 5x Program we multiply it by 5 and the result is Ten Million Dollars ($10,000,000.00). Ten Million Dollars ($10,000,000.00) is the maximum amount that can be released into a 5X escrow to any one entity or borrower at one time.

How long does it take to get approved?

A: Once all the required documents have been collected and submitted to your assigned account manager all the documents will continue onto attorney and underwriter review. All the documents are carefully read and processed for due diligence which may take anywhere between 30 to 45days. Once approved you will receive a letter of approval along with the final qualifying amount in your 5X Escrow account.
What is the cost of onboarding with the 5X Program?
A: This is a great question. Each deal is looked at per case and pricing depends on a number of factors which include credit score, liquidity, level of RE investment experience type and size of project the 5X will be positioned for. No need to worry we also offer financing for the onboarding costs where applicable.

What are the terms, points and interest rate I can expect with the 5X Program?

A: Let's consider the following, typically real estate investment loans have a standard 12month term and interest rates that will vary based on experience; with the 5X Program there is also a 12month term with extension options. Points vary depending on the borrower experience. They can range from 2.5 - 4points. However, for those investors who have done 3+ deals with us they are given the consideration of 2.5points.


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